Code of Conduct

These are the specific rules that operate under this:

  1. While debate is encouraged, members will not personally attack each other.
  2. There is to be no sexist, racist or gender comments that are offensive.
  3. There must be no comments passed against a person that are 3rd hand, in other words, you cannot make comments about somebody that you yourself have not personally experienced.
  4. At all times, a coordinator, while a facilitator, is representative of the concept of CC. This means that he or she, when chairing or facilitating a meeting/ chat thread has the right to close that meeting/ chat thread if they believe that the meeting is no longer beneficial.
  5. Whilst arguments in their own sense can be positive, if 2 parties cannot agree on a course of action, the coordinators decision will be final.
  6. No member should feel intimidated or threatened by any member; if they do, they must immediately report this.
  7. If any member believes that the topic that they wish to introduce to the group might be viewed as contentious, they must first pass this through their coordinator.
  8. No individual or group of individuals should attempt to practice magic of any sort without the express advance permission. For example, we would normally start a meeting with a spiritual protection, we would not call in spirits.
  9. No member of CC should seek to impress others that they are somehow spiritually more advanced.
  10. Whilst forming subject groups or topics groups is to be encouraged, the forming of a clique will not be tolerated.
  11. A CC member of 1 week should be treated the same as a CC member for 5 years, although it is understood that the new member will have little understanding of how we work, their contribution must not be disregarded.
  12. The coordinator is not to show favouritism.
  13. Any objects that are introduced as being objects of protection must not have a negative energy connection.
  14. CC will not exclude anybody unless they are satanic or wilfully wish harm on others or seek to be a disruptive influence.
  15. If any member feels that these rules have been broken, their first point of contact is their coordinator, and only if the coordinator is unable to resolve the situation would Becky or Simon become involved.
  16. In no instance may any member advertise for financial remuneration on this platform, but may draw others attention to their own websites where they do.