Kodeks ponašanja

  1. Each member is responsible for reading, understanding, and adhering to the Connecting Consciousness Code of Conduct (COC.) Please note that updates may be added without notification. If you have any questions or concerns about the COC or any updates to it, please contact your local coordinator. When you join CC as a member, connect with CC on community platforms such as Mighty Networks, and/or participate in any CC sponsored events, these actions indicate your concurrence with the Connecting Consciousness COC and your commitment to abide by the guidelines outlined herein.
  2. As a Connecting Consciousness member, we encourage you to connect with other CC members and Coordinators. These connections can be made on community platforms such as Mighty Networks and other platforms offered in your area. We welcome your participation in CC Events such as our in-person meetings or on scheduled group zoom meetings. Spiritual people grouping together with good intentions such as shifting to higher consciousness, healing or just simply taking part in high vibration conversations together really does make a positive difference to the Collective during these challenging times.
  3. Our Founders have made a decision to only allow members of our Organisation (unless invitations have been pre-approved) to attend meetings or any social platforms. This is to ensure the safety of our members and Coordinators and to comply with our GDPR laws in the UK so that there is no inappropriate use of information shared in this safe space. The rule applies for any of our CC Social Media Platforms where attendance is by invite only. It is therefore prohibited by the CC Founders for any person to use the CC contact information to create or co-opt into the CC group for a different purpose, such as creating a separate non-CC group (including separate social media groups, etc.). This can lead to removal of your membership and prosecution if you have broken the GDPR laws.
  4. Members are welcome to host CC events and participate in events such as peaceful protests under our CC banners or CC representation at holistic fairs. However, this can only be carried out with prior permission and guidance from their CC trained country or state coordinator, who will obtain any special permissions from our Founders if required, so as not to breach any laws.
  5. We expect our Coordinators to conduct themselves with integrity and respect, honouring their sovereignty and their place in this world. We are all sovereign beings, and no one has dominion over another sovereign being. We ask therefore that you treat all other members and Coordinators with the same respect showed to you. Treat other CC members and your Coordinators as you would like to be treated.
  6. Open, transparent, and spirited discussions among members can be healthy when carried out with respect and mindfulness for one another. However, when boundaries are crossed, these debates devolve into unpleasantness, and arguments. Disruptive behaviour and unkindness can lead to negativity, fear, and lack of cohesion within the group.
  7. Members who are rude and out of control or lack propriety, boundaries or display outbursts of out-of-control behaviour or behave in a manner that is deemed to be against our CC Ethos, will be removed from the meeting for the safety of other members and the integrity of our Organisation. This may result in a member(s) being removed from the group and potentially from CC altogether. The coordinator reserves the right to shut down the meeting to contain the negativity and to make the decision to remove the member or members from our Organisation. We appreciate all efforts to keep the vibration of these Gatherings kind, compassionate, mindful and respectful.
  8. Intimidation and threats will not be tolerated within CC. We are a Spiritual Organisation and anyone displaying these traits does not belong in our Organisation. They will be removed from CC. If a member ever feels threatened, they must immediately report this to the country or state coordinator.
  9. Any discrimination against a member or a Coordinator or Team member will not be condoned in our Organisation. If any member feels that any of the above rules have been broken, and they feel unsafe he/she must contact their country/state coordinator immediately.
  10. We would be grateful if you would carry this through to other CC forums such as on social media and in emails. Whilst we encourage you to share skills and strategies to cope with challenges, low vibration comments and hurtful words, attacks on one another do cause harm and as spiritual beings we know when it affects one, it affects the whole of humanity. We will not tolerate offensive, sexist, racist or gender comments. Posting images or written stories of abuse, including disturbing or excessively graphic images, satanic worship or violence is prohibited. Our Coordinators and Moderators have the right to terminate a thread, chat, channel or individual membership. Please understand this when posting on our sites.
  11. When posting on social media or networking platforms such as Mighty Networks, please be mindful of CC’s growing worldwide membership and the overall volume of posts. Posting consecutively and too frequently clogs up the feed and makes it time consuming for other members to navigate. We respectfully ask that you do not post more than 10 – 15 times per day, or that you do not to exceed 400 posts per month. As a non-profit Organisation I am sure you will appreciate that we are reliant on donations and running these platforms cost us money. Using up our bandwidth costs us an enormous amount of money but we are happy to use funds for this purpose if it is to generate good and not upset or low vibration posts. Note that these guidelines are for new posts only; members may send as many responses and private chats as desired.
  12. It is important to understand that comments, opinions, and videos posted on CC platforms such as Mighty Networks do not necessarily reflect the views of Connecting Consciousness, nor that of the Founders or organisers of the group. As videos may come from other social media sites, it is the responsibility of those organisations to take them down such as YouTube etc. It is not CC’s responsibility to remove them from Social Platforms. All written comments and videos posted are subject to CC's Code of Conduct guidelines.
  13. To avoid CC being used as means to generate unlawful business, we ask members to refrain from self-promoting or advertising for financial remuneration on CC platforms. However, members on occasion may refer to their personal websites or healing services for example with prior consent from CC.
  14. As a spiritual Organisation, we do not condone the practices of dark magic. We request politely that magic is not practiced within our groups. We politely ask that you seek advice from your coordinator if in doubt. To illustrate, it is acceptable to start a meeting with a spiritual protection prayer or meditation, however, invoking spirits is strictly prohibited. Under no circumstances may any material be introduced, or shared, that carries a negative energy connection. CC reserves the right to ban anyone who is satanic or who wilfully wishes to harm others and/or seeks to be a disruptive influence.
  15. Part of the CC experience is making friends with fellow CC members. Please be aware that all sharing and exchanging of personal information such as emails, phone numbers and addresses are the sole responsibility of the members. Sharing of your personal information in this way is done so by your own choice will be at your own risk. CC will not be held responsible for any misuse of your personal information exchanged in this manner.
  16. As a spiritual Organisation we understand that we are all here to grow and learn. We honour the soul within every one of our members. We have a membership ranging from 18-year-olds to elderly and we feel truly blessed and honoured to have you as our members. No one is more spiritually advanced than other members, we just have different lessons. We value all our members. We appreciate all your questions, ideas, and expertise regardless of tenure of membership, spiritual training, culture and level of spiritual awareness.

Updated April 2022

Politika privatnosti

Ova Politika privatnosti odnosi se na podatke koje mi, Connecting Consciousness, prikupljamo o pojedincima koji su u interakciji s našom organizacijom. Ona objašnjava koje osobne podatke prikupljamo i kako ih koristimo.

Ako imate bilo kakvih komentara ili pitanja o ovoj obavijesti, slobodno nas kontaktirajte na

1. Osobni podaci koje obrađujemo

Sljedeća tablica objašnjava vrste podataka koje prikupljamo i pravnu osnovu, prema važećim zakonima o zaštiti podataka, na temelju kojih se ti podaci obrađuju.

Svrha Podaci (ključni elementi) Osnova
Raspitivanje o našoj organizaciji i njenom radu Ime/naziv, e-mail, poruka Legitimni interesi - potrebno je da pročitamo i pohranimo vašu poruku kako bismo mogli odgovoriti na način koji očekujete.
Prijavljivanje kao novi član Ime/naziv, e-mail, kontaktni podaci, razlozi zbog kojih želite biti član CC Ugovor – slanjem pristupnice s nama ste sklopili ugovorni odnos kako je navedeno u našim uvjetima članstva.
Funkcionalnosti web stranice Aktivnosti na web stranici prikupljene korištenjem kolačića (cookie) Legitimni interesi – neophodno je da pohranimo malu količinu informacija, obično putem kolačića, kako bismo pružili funkcionalnost koju biste očekivali.

2. Kako koristimo vaše podatke

Vaše ćemo podatke koristiti samo na način koji je prikladan s obzirom na osnovu na kojoj su ti podaci prikupljeni, kao što je navedeno u tablici na vrhu stranice ove Politike.
Ne dijelimo vaše podatke s trećim stranama.

Na primjer, možemo koristiti vaše osobne podatke:

  • za odgovoriti na upite koje nam šaljete
  • gdje ste se izričito složili s tim, slati vam marketinšku komunikaciju putem e-maila u vezi našeg rada za koje mislimo da bi vas mogle zanimati

3. Kada dijelimo vaše podatke

Vaše ćemo podatke dijeliti samo unutar naše organizacije.

Dali ste izričit pristanak da proslijedimo podatke vašem relevantnom nacionalnom koordinatoru.

Podatke ćemo proslijediti našim koordinatorima u zemljama izvan EU samo ako postoje odgovarajuće zaštitne mjere kako je definirano člankom 46. Opće uredbe o zaštiti podataka (GDPR).

4. Koliko dugo čuvamo vaše podatke

Ozbiljno shvaćamo načela minimiziranja i uklanjanja podataka i imamo interna pravila koja osiguravaju da uvijek tražimo samo minimalnu količinu podataka za povezanu namjenu i brišemo te podatke odmah nakon što više nisu potrebni. Tamo gdje se podaci prikupljaju na temelju privole, tražit ćemo obnovu privole najmanje svake tri godine.

5. Prava koja imate nad svojim podacima

Imate niz prava nad svojim podacima, koja uključuju sljedeće:

  • Ako se obrada podataka temelji na privoli, tu privolu možete povući u bilo kojem trenutku, a mi ćemo vam to učiniti što je moguće lakšim (na primjer postavljanjem poveznice za odjavu pretplate na novosti na dnu svih naših marketinških e-mail poruka)
  • Imate pravo tražiti ispravak i/ili brisanje svojih podataka
  • Imate pravo pristupa svojim podacima
  • Imate pravo podnijeti pritužbu Povjereniku za informiranje ako smatrate da su vam povrijeđena prava

Potpuni sažetak vaših zakonskih prava nad vašim podacima možete pronaći na web stranici Povjerenika za informiranje ovdje: https://ico.org.uk/

Ako želite pristupiti gore navedenim pravima ili bilo kojim drugim zakonskim pravima koja imate nad svojim podacima prema važećem zakonodavstvu, obratite nam se.

Imajte na umu da će oslanjanje na neka od ovih prava, kao što je pravo na brisanje vaših podataka, onemogućiti nas da vam nastavimo pružati neke usluge. Međutim, gdje god je to moguće, uvijek ćemo pokušati omogućiti maksimalan pristup vašim pravima, nastavljajući pružati vam što više usluga.

6. Kolačići (cookies) i praćenje korištenja

Kolačić je mala datoteka koja se sastoji slova i brojeva, koja se snima na vaše računalo kada posjetite web stranicu. Kolačiće koriste mnoge web stranice i omogućavaju brojne stvari, npr. pamćenje vaših postavki, bilježenje što ste stavili u svoju košaricu za kupnju i brojanje ljudi koji posjećuju web stranicu.

Tamo gdje se kolačići koriste za prikupljanje osobnih podataka, te svrhe navodimo u gornjem odjeljku broj 1, zajedno s drugim osobnim podacima koje prikupljamo. Međutim, također koristimo neke kolačiće koji ne prikupljaju osobne podatke, ali nam pomažu prikupiti anonimne informacije o tome kako ljudi koriste našu web stranicu. U tu svrhu koristimo Google Analytics. Google Analytics generira statističke i druge podatke o korištenju web stranice pomoću kolačića koji se pohranjuju na računala korisnika. Informacije prikupljene od strane Google Analytics o korištenju naše web stranice ne omogućuju osobnu identifikaciju. Podaci se prikupljaju anonimno, Google ih pohranjuje, a mi ih koristimo za izradu izvješća o korištenju web stranice. Googleova Politika privatnosti dostupna je na

7. Izmjene

S vremena na vrijeme možemo izmijeniti ovu Politiku privatnosti i objavit ćemo najnoviju verziju na našoj web stranici. Ako izmjena značajno smanjuje vaša prava, obavijestit ćemo osobe čije osobne podatke imamo i na koje se odnosi.

Korisnički račun za Mighty Networks (opcija)

Za povezivanje s ostalim članovima Connecting Consciousness, lokalno i širom svijeta, koristimo Mighty Networks kao našu društvenu platformu. Molimo klikni ispod za pročitati politiku privatnosti Mighty Networks:

Želiš li se pridružiti Mighty Networks?

Za pridruživanje na Mighty Networks, molimo kontaktiraj svog koordinatora da te doda na pozivnu listu. Molimo da se ne registriraš još jednom.

Kontaktiraj koordinatora

Promjena adrese?

Ti već jesi član/ica CC i tvoja e-mail adresa se promijenila? Samo klikni na gumb ispod i pošalji nam kratku poruku. Molimo da se ne registriraš još jednom.

Promijeni adresu

Tko je moj koordinator?

Već si član CC i ne znaš tko je tvoj trenutni koordinator? Samo klikni na gumb ispod i pošalji nam kratak upit. Molimo da se ne registriraš još jednom.

Kontaktiraj koordinatora